Preservation Research & Consultancy Team

(Matapoporetanga, Rangahau me te Mātanga)


 Steve KnightSteve Knight 

Programme Director
(Pouārahi Hōtaka)

I'm Steve Knight. I'm the Programme Director Preservation Research & Consultancy at National Library of New Zealand. I've been involved with the digital preservation programme here for about 15 years now. I am particularly interested in helping with the emergence of a robust and sustainable programme for National Library, Archives New Zealand, the whole of New Zealand and how we can contribute to the global digital preservation agenda. Please feel free to get in touch with me about anything to do with our programme. If I can't help you I will make sure that someone who can gets back to you.
+ 64 21 490 503


Andrea GoethalsAndrea Goethals

Digital Preservation Manager
(Kaiwhakahaere Matapopore Matihiko)

Andrea manages the team of 7 staff within the Preservation Research & Consultancy team with primary responsibility for the overall day-to-day operations. She also contributes to the strategic direction of the Library’s digital preservation programme, champions digital preservation issues, and collaborates closely with others at the Library and around the world to advance digital preservation standards and practices.
+64 4 470 4415


Kirsty SmithKirsty Smith

Test and Assurance Manager
(Kaiwhakahaere Whakamātau me te Whakaū)

Kirsty is the Test and Assurance Manager for the Preservation Research & Consultancy team. Her work includes working with the staff from across the Library to ensure that the preservation system continues to meet their needs, and ensuring all upgrades and new developments to the preservation system meet the Library's requirements.
+64 4 474 3077


Peter McKinneyPeter McKinney

Digital Preservation Policy Analyst
(Kaitātari Kaupapahere Matapopore Matihiko)

Peter is the Policy Analyst for the Preservation Research & Consultancy team. His work includes supporting the preservation programme through policy development, requirements development, preservation planning and coordination work.
+64 4 462 3931


Jay GattusoJay Gattuso

Digital Preservation Analyst
(Kaitātari Matapopore Matihiko)

Jay is the Digital Preservation Analyst for the team. His work revolves around being main technical contact for digital content, and digital content types in the team, where he troubleshoots problematic content, and research preservation concerns.
+64 4 474 3064


Cynthia WuCynthia Wu
Digital Preservation Technical Specialist
(Mātanga Hangarau Matapopore Matihiko)

Cynthia Wu is the Digital Preservation Technical Specialist. Cynthia received her B.Sc in Computer Science, Information Systems from the University of Auckland, and her Master of Library and Information Studies from the Victoria University of Wellington. She is currently responsible for the ongoing maintenance and technical infrastructure management of the Library’s Digital Preservation system, the National Digital Heritage Archive (NDHA), and extensive liaison with internal business units and various external vendors.
   +64 4 462 3929

Sean MoselySean Mosely

Digital Preservation Technical Specialist
(Mātanga Hangarau Matapopore Matihiko)

Sean is a Technical Specialist in the Preservation Research & Consultancy team. His role involves maintaining the NDHA Rosetta system, both in terms of its infrastructure and software.  He responds to emergent technical issues to ensure that the system stays up and running, as well as undertaking research and planning to improve the system's performance and functionality over time.
   +64 4 460 2884


 Ben O'BrienBen O'Brien
Digital Preservation Web Engineer
(Kaipūkaha Tukutuku Matapopore Matihiko)

Ben is the Digital Preservation Web Engineer for the Preservation Research & Consultancy team. His role involves implementing, and supporting a high quality selective web harvesting programme for the Library, managing the whole of domain harvest programme, as well as improving and developing discovery and access services to the Library’s web archive collections.

 +64 4 463 1346



Suman's photo Suman Sajwan

Digital Preservation Operations Analyst
(Kaitātari Whakahaere Matapopore Matihiko)

Suman is responsible for maintaining a programme of system testing and for creation and delivery of the reports from the digital preservation system. She provides support for the object metadata changes (objects in the Rosetta permanent repository). Suman manages this website and all of its pages and is also responsible for training staff users on how to use digital preservation related applications features and functionality.
   +64 4 474 3019




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