Rosetta: A digital preservation solution

Rosetta is the digital asset management and preservation application that maintains the National Digital Heritage Archive for the National Library.

ExLibris Rosetta for collection, management and preservation

The National Digital Heritage Archive (NDHA) houses the National Library’s Born digital and digitised collections. ExLibris’ Rosetta application, a digital preservation solution, forms the core of our digital preservation system and manages the digital collections housed within the NDHA.

Rosetta is a standard-based, commercial system developed in partnership with ExLibris Group (external link) , a library management systems vendor. It is a highly scalable, secure, and complex digital preservation system, designed to provide ingest, access and preservation functionalities for the National Library’s digital collections, enabling the library to manage these collections end-to-end, from submission to dissemination. The system is built on distributed architecture that can support multiple, flexible server and application configurations providing scalability while meeting the unique digital preservation requirements of the National Library.

Rosetta is a Web application that can be accessed using current Web browsers. The National Library of New Zealand’s Rosetta application is integrated with various deposit and metadata extraction tools, as well as Resource Management systems currently in use by the Library, such as ExLibris’ Alma* and Tiaki (eMU)*.


Digital Preservation System

Internal manuals and documents

In order to support staff users in the use of Rosetta system, the following manuals and documentation have been developed. (Please note that these documents are working documents and therefore subject to frequent change).

NDHA Rosetta User Guide [PDF, 2.4 MB]

This manual contains information on how to use NDHA Rosetta system. It provides a description of staff users and their responsibilities and explains how staff users accomplish their tasks in the NDHA Rosetta system.

NDHA Rosetta v5.5: New Features, Defects and workarounds [PDF, 1.9 MB]

This document lists all new features, improvements, fixed defects and existing defects in the current version. A workaround, if known, is also described.


For further information about the Rosetta application, please visit the ExLibris website ( (external link)


* Ex Libris' Alma and Primo systems - Alma is a library management system (staff interface) and Primo (external link) a discovery service (public interface).
* Tiaki: (external link) Catalogue of un-published collections which provides access to descriptions of unpublished New Zealand and Pacific manuscript and picture collections.



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