Strategic Documents

This section presents our guiding documents, our current business plans, policies and strategy documents.


Digital Preservation Strategy

The National Library (external link)  and Archives New Zealand  (external link)  have a shared policy programme for digital preservation activities.This strategy is a statement by both organisations that they are committed to working together to preserve digital content. It ensures that the digital content is managed and preserved in a way that reflects its status as a knowledge asset and taonga of New Zealand.

National Library of New Zealand: Positioning for the Future

The National Library of New Zealand is proposing a bold and ambitious set of strategic directions to 2030. Our aspiration is for a prosperous nation that ensures New Zealanders everywhere have easy access to knowledge, that engages everyone in reading for pleasure, and that celebrates words as a valued part of our diverse heritage. We are setting ourselves this challenge to bring to life the National Library’s core purpose to enrich the cultural and economic life of New Zealand and its interactions with other nations.

Environmental and stakeholder work affirmed the core purposes of the National Library and our roles to collect, protect and share New Zealand’s documentary heritage and the Positioning for the Future proposal itself acknowledges that the long-term safekeeping of the nation’s digital assets will be central to the success of the Library in the future.

The issue is explicitly addressed in the Positioning for the Future proposal:

‘The long-term accessibility of digital collections is a critical problem worldwide. The continual pace of change in software, hardware and systems, and the exponential growth of digital collections affects the ability to read and understand digital materials now and in the future.’

The proposal recognises the need for ‘a sustainable, fit-for-purpose digital preservation approach for New Zealand and the Pacific to ensure that new digital collections and content … can be managed and accessed’.

Further information on the Library’s Positioning for the Future proposal can be found at:

(external link)


Digital Preservation Policy Manual

This manual contains all the policies that Archives and the Library require to manage their digital preservation programme. The policy manual outlines the processes and operating rules that the Digital Preservation Team at Archives and the Library are required to follow in the course of caring for the digital content under their purview.

National Library of New Zealand Collections Policy (external link)

This Collections Policy outlines the scope of the National Library collections and its mandate for collecting. 

The Library has three distinct collections, created and maintained for distinct purposes. The research collections contain both published and unpublished digital and physical items, particularly in the fields of New Zealand, Pacific studies and rare books. The General Collections of published items from both New Zealand and overseas cover subject areas that support current information needs of New Zealanders. The Schools Collection supports the development of young New Zealanders as engaged readers and digitally literate learners. This policy covers decision on the acquisition and retention for all three collections.



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